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It’s Thanksgiving time!

Our hearts should always be thankful to God for our many blessings! But it’s nice to have a day set aside specifically to remember how very blessed we are! In America, while there are many problems, we have the immense privilege of freedom to work to fix those problems! We have the freedom to work at whatever jobs best fit our individual gifting. We have the freedom to worship God!

Over the last couple years I have injured many body parts. My family was playing volleyball some time back and one of the players dove into me diving for a ball. My knee took a direct hit! This injury took over a year to finally completely heal, but has been a time of contemplation and thankfulness in my heart. As with all injuries, I went from playing volleyball one minute to in extreme pain the next. During the time of healing, whenever I would descend a few stairs or even my driveway without my knee going out again, I would breathe a silent thanks to God.

Then one day,

I couldn’t take a step without extreme pain, due to plantar faciitis, but I found myself thankful when I could take even a step without pain. I could go on for some time about the many different body failings I’ve experienced ever the last four years, but I won’t. My point is this. Often we don’t recognize what we are blessed with until we almost lose it. If you can see, thank God for your eyesight. If you can hear, thank God for your ears, If you can walk, thank God for your legs.

Is your heart beating? Thank God for those beats. Are you breathing? Thank God for each breath.

If there are trees where you live, thank God for their beauty and the clean air they help provide. I have to admit, after spending several years living in a desert, with just sand and sagebrush around me, this one comes easy now that I live in the beautiful state of Alabama 😉

But, let’s make an intentional decision to go beyond thanksgiving at a certain time of year, and make it a lifestyle! Form a new habit, starting today. When you open your eyes in the morning, don’t get out of bed without first thanking God for your many blessings! Be specific!


Have a blessed Thanksgiving!



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