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Ants seem to be everywhere, all the time, but especially in the summer months! So keep a tube or a tub of our Sting Stopper in your purse for those annoying (if incredible) little creatures. This Herbal Lotion Alternative is specially formulated with awesome Oils, along with incredible Herbs, Bentonite Clay, Menthol & Colloidal Oats for irritation relief. Check out the ingredients!

 Please Note: Sting Stopper Is NOT Intended to treat an allergic reaction from stings in any way. It is only intended to help diminish the irritation & itch of non-allergic reaction. Dial 911, or go to your Emergency Room if you experience an allergic reaction from stings of any kind, or if you have reason to believe you may have been bitten by a poisonous bug, insect, or spider! Please be aware the Charcoal may stain. 


Large 1.9 oz jar and purse sized .25 oz jar included

Ingredients Sting Stopper: Oil Blend (Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Karanja Oil,Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil, Camelina Oil, cosmetic grade Avocado Oil, cosmetic grade Apricot Kernel Oil, Cocoa Butter, Babassu Oil, Meadowfoam Oil, Crambe Abbyssinian Oil, Natural Vitamin E, Rosemary Oleoresin(ROE), Grapefruit Seed Extract(GSE) ) infused with Organic St. John’s Wort, Echinacea [Pupurea Root & Organic Angustafolia Herb]; Colloidal Oats, Bentonite Clay, Beeswax, Wildcrafted Plantain, Organic Marshmallow root, therapeutic grade Essential Oils (Tea Tree, Chamomile, Lavender), Activated Charcoal, Vitamin C Powder, Himalayan Salt, Menthol, Dehydrated Garlic


Herbal Compounds
This Product- Irritation Relief Compound

One of our Herbal compounds, this one was honestly tough to make and define. We wanted to meet a need and make a compound to help relieve that irritation that usually follows ant bites/stings. (Yes, they do both.) But it couldn’t be in any way a medicine! It is not, and makes no claim to be! This product is NOT intended to be used for allergic reactions of any kind. I see “salves” sold all the time that honestly make scary claims. One such product claims to help poisonous bites! YIKES! Our compound is NOT intended for that! If you get bit by a poisonous spider, or any creature, seek emergency medical treatment IMMEDIATELY!

So, what is it for?

For the irritation that often lingers after a bite or sting, once you have established that you are not having an allergic reaction. That’s it!

The ingredients:
The oils.

Not oils, but Shea and Cocoa Butters are very nourishing for your skin. We also used a well balanced profile of oils known for their great skin qualities!

The Herbs and additives

We infused the oils and butters with great herbs like Echinacea, Plantain and Marshmallow! Then we added ingredients like Colloidal Oats, Menthol, and Charcoal (Charcoal will stain, so we offer a Charcoal-free version as well).

Instructions for use: As with all new products, test on small area of skin and wait 24 hours before continued use. If any reaction occurs discontinue use immediately. Use on dry areas in very small amounts as this is extremely concentrated. Allow 2-3 minutes to fully absorb. If not fully absorbed in this time, you may be using more than necessary.

None of our body products contain water or artificial, chemical preservatives! The product should be used within 4-5 months of purchase, or kept in the refrigerator for longer storage.

Do not use on children under the age of 6 without consulting their health care practitioner. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not use on mucous membranes or open skin.

Weight: 1.9 oz tub and .25 oz travel size included with purchase

 Product Type: Irritation Relief Compound  herballink

Additional information


Tube .2 oz, Sm pot .25 oz, Family size 1.9 oz


Sting Relief, Sting Stopper W/ Charcoal


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