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Softstick Natural Lips

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This natural lip product will soften your lips, not chap them (thus the name). This contains natural butters and super oils, no fillers. Compare these ingredients to other lip products out there, even the “natural” ones, and we’re sure you’ll be pleased with the effort we go to to provide only the best. This lip smoother is extremely creamy and moisturizing! Great for making war on dry lips!

Available in a variety of great “flavors” 😉 DO NOT EAT

4 pack on sale $2 off!

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The Product:

Softstick Natural Lips, a lip care product that actually takes good care of your lips! So often there is a vicious cycle that those store bought tubes of stuff produce. Dry, chapped lips, so you apply a lip balm. It feels good for a few hours but then your lips begin to hurt again.
Our goal was to create a product that actually works, and where that cycle doesn’t stand a chance! The object was not to keep the product as cheap as possible, bc after all, the tube would last a long time anyway, so what was a difference of a dollar over the course of a month or two, if it really worked? So, instead of the usual ingredients we looked long and hard at nice ingredients. (We do that even for our soap, much more so our leave on products!) Softstick Natural Lips

The Ingredients:
Oils and Butters:

Quite honestly we wanted to formulate the very best lip product possible! We often saw Coconut Oil as a lip balm ingredient and knew that wasn’t a good choice, although it was cheaper…but cheap wasn’t our goal. Actually making your lips soft was! So Shea Butter instead of Coconut or Soybean Oil was an obvious choice. Then Mango Butter, Cherry Kernel, Meadowfoam and Rosehip Oils…oh yeah!

The wax

Beeswax was the first, and obvious choice. But what form to use? Cera Belina from beeswax can be used as it is incredibly soft, but that didn’t meet our criteria as it is not completely natural. So, natural Beeswax it was.

Natural Vitamin E

Natural is the most important factor here. The synthetic form of Vitamin E is a common sensitizer and should be avoided! Vitamin E, in its natural form is an antioxidant, and known to be good for the skin. Now, having said that anything can be an irritant to some people. After all, poison ivy is natural, but we sure wouldn’t want to use it on our skin!

Essential Oils

While we are at it, why would we add a synthetic “flavoring agent” to a lip product? We wouldn’t. But, having said that you do need to know that Peppermint is not considered a safe ingredient for young children, but several places say Spearmint may be safer for younger children. Here is one example, among many. Make your own decision, but we do not recommend Peppermint, or Citrus Lovers for young children.
We also do offer a few options with 100% Natural Flavor oils.

California residents: Peppermint Oil contains naturally-occuring pulegone. Dermal contact, inhalation, or ingestion of this chemical is known to the state of California to cause cancer.

Directions for use: Apply to lips at first sign of dryness. For severely dry lips apply and massage into lips. Repeat every 15 minutes until relief is felt, usually within an hour. Please not that lip products are NOT a substitute for proper hydration.
If habitually dry lips are still a problem after a day of using this product, you may be dehydrated! Keep track of the amount of water you are consuming and check with your health care practitioner to make sure you are consuming the proper amount!

Children: Keep out of the reach of small children. For children under the age of 6, please select Unscented or Spearmint variety. For children under 3 please select unscented. Do not use on babies or small children without checking with their health care practitioner.

Product Type: Natural Lip Product

Additional information

Weight .15 oz

Citrus, Coconut, Coconut Lime, Dipped Strawberry, Double Chocolate, Frozen Banana, Grape, Iced Coffee, Orange, Peppermint, Spearmint, Strawberry Banana, Wild Berry, 4 for $14

Chocolate or Regular

Chocolate, Regular

6 reviews for Softstick Natural Lips

  1. daundunlop

    I like the gentle little tingle that the Citrus softstick leaves on your lips that lets you know it is doing its job! Dry lips have been a lifelong issue for me, but I think I have found the cure. I definitely like this product better than the name brand lip balms I have used up to now. This is softer & doesn’t leave a white film like the store variety does. Thank you for this product!!!

  2. Emily

    My lips are habitually dry (to the point of bleeding sometimes), but I found immediate relief with the Spero soaps soft stick.
    I’m kinda picky about my chapstick. This one doesn’t sit on top of your skin without soaking in– you can feel it hydrating and healing as soon as it goes on. It doesn’t feel greasy, but it doesn’t feel stiff– it’s just the right consistency. it’s smooth and gentle and healing and it feels amazing.

    I’ve tried the peppermint, spearmint ,and citrus. The citrus is my personal favorite, but they’re all top-notch. Definitely would recommend. 10/10. I love Spero Soaps products!

  3. Selina

    So nice on my lips. I got the spearmint one recently. I’ve been using it every day, and it soaks into my lips shortly, but my lips don’t feel dry after. It’s not greasy, or oily, and it doesn’t feel like it’s gonna run down my chin like other natural brands I’ve tried. I’ve also had experience with chapstick drying out my lips or giving me cold sores… This is way, way better. At the same time, I know that the ingredients are actually helping my lips.\(^_^)/
    Definitely would recommend

  4. Return Customer

    Hands down, best chapstick I’ve used. It lasts a while on your lips instead of drying out immediately and its lasts a while in the tube, because you don’t have to apply every 30 minutes. It feels and looks good on my lips and it feels like its actually helping the “dry lips” problem. Got my first tube about 6 or 7 months ago… yes it lasted that long. I almost never buy the same chapstick twice because I feel like I need to try something new… but I’m very satisfied with this!

  5. Solstice Wilson

    I am an incredibly particular about lip balm. I like natural and effective ingredients, but the typical brands you grab at the drugstore just don’t cut. Before I tried this one, I was using a Sephora clean beauty lippie, but I flew through the tube in a few weeks and the $14 price tag was definitely a con, so rather than rebuy, I got this one a whim. It’s *better* than the expensive one and I’ve bought 5 more tubes to make sure I never run out.
    It checks my boxes pertaining to ingredient transparency, as well as being effective. I’ve also been using it instead of lip gloss because I feel that it makes my natural lip lines look less noticeable. 10/10 would recommend!

  6. Melissa M.

    I love this lip balm! I wear it every night. It’s not too hard or too runny, but just right–soothing but not oily. I got the iced coffee scent, and I want to try a bunch of others!

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