Pure – Buttery Soft Lotion Concentrate


Pure as pure gets is always our goal. Soft and smooth moisture without any of the added stuff that irritates!

Ingredients For Pure w/ Shea:

Natural Shea Butter, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, cosmetic grade Apricot Kernel Oil, cosmetic grade Avocado Oil, Argan Oil, Beeswax, Castor Oil, Organic Jojoba, Rosehip Seed Oil

Ingredients for Pure w/ Cocoa:

Natural Cocoa Butter, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Babassu Oil, Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil, Cherry Kernel Oil, Beeswax, Castor Oil, Organic Jojoba, Rosehip Seed Oil

Sizes: We have a smallTrial/Travel size available in both options, and we also have both Trial sizes in one discounted purchase option for those who wish to try both. The Regular size is large enough to last one person a long time as it is extremely concentrated!  And we have a family size available in a large tub.

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Description: Pure Lotion Alternative

The great response to our Pure Body Butter❤️ has led to the creation of a Buttery Soft Lotion Alternative in the same vein. Pure, intense moisture. For people with sensitive, yet extremely dry skin, the battle⚔️ can be fierce! Here at Spero Soaps we understand that! Pure Body Butter was created by just that demand, and this Lotion Alternative is a spin off from that Butter! Every single ingredient here at Spero Soaps is always chosen carefully with the best skin care possible in mind. This Lotion Alternative was no exception. Every Pure product was in formulation for several months before releasing it to the public.

Is your skin a sponge?

The answer to that is long, complicated, and beyond the scope of this page. However, you will often hear the claim that your skin absorbs 60-80% or more of what you apply topically. Even some medications that doctors prescribe are transdermal application. So, it is probably safe to assume that a high percentage of what you apply to your skin is indeed absorbed. But what percentage highly depends on what the ingredient is, and its chemical breakdown. Remember, 100% of things you see around you are made up of “chemicals.” What we don’t want in our bodies, or on our skin are harmful, synthetic chemicals! (Hint: Many are trying to confuse the issue now by saying, “Derived from Natural.”)

What our Pure line does have:

Shea Butter, unrefined and organic, is known for its intense moisturizing capabilities! Meadowfoam Seed and Argan Oils have an incredible reputation as well. Then we filled it out with other Oils known for their intense moisture.

Ingredients For Pure w/ Shea:

Natural Shea Butter, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Argan Oil, cosmetic grade Apricot Kernel Oil, cosmetic grade Avocado Oil, Beeswax, Castor Oil, Organic Jojoba, Rosehip Seed Oil

What it doesn’t have:

No Essential Oils, Botanicals or Clays, Antioxidants or Mango Butter.

And of course, we never use water or chemical preservatives in our products!

(Soap does use water to saponify the oils. In most of our soaps we use Teas (Green, Rosehip, Echinacea, etc.), Milks (Goat, Coconut etc.) etc. But even those have water in them.)


Most people benefit from Clay, Herbs, and Essential Oils in their products. And Vitamin E, Rosemary Oleoresin and Grapefruit Seed Extract are great Antioxidants that we usually use in our leave on products. However, occasionally people with extremely sensitive skin can’t tolerate anything extra in their products. There is even a small percentage of people who can’t tolerate Vit E. (That, however, appears to usually be a reaction to the synthetic version, a product we never use!)

Why no Mango Butter??  This, also, is an ingredient that most people’s skin absolutely loves. But according to our research, and comments from customers, it appears to perhaps be the most allergenic of the butters. So we stuck with only Organic, unrefined Shea. But keep reading, as we also offer a Cocoa Butter version as well.

The complexities of Allergies

While we did our best to remove common triggers, only you can know what your triggers are. We also offer a Cocoa Butter option with Cocoa Butter, Babassu and Pumpkin Seed instead of Shea, Argan and Avocado for those sensitive to Tree Nuts and Avocados.

Ingredients for Pure w/ Cocoa:

Natural Cocoa Butter, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil, Babassu Oil, Cherry Kernel Oil, Beeswax, Castor Oil, Organic Jojoba, Rosehip Seed Oil


As with any new product, make sure you apply small amount in test area and wait 24 hours to check for reaction. If reaction occurs at any time discontinue use.

If you do have allergies, or any health concerns, check with your health care practitioner before using this, or any new products. Also check with your child’s health care provider before you use this, or any product, on small children.

Please note, if your clergies are severe, that there is simply no way to absolutely guarantee there is no cross contamination between this product and tree nuts. We do our best to ensure that all of our utensils are washed and sanitized between ingredients, but no company can honestly guarantee anything with 100% certainty. (Even our statement that this, and our other products, are 100% Natural, are based on the claims of others. We are careful to choose trustworthy companies, but as we don’t pick the fruit ourselves…)

Application of Pure Lotion Alternative:

Apply sparingly to clean, damp or dry skin. Remove small amount with scoop, or clean finger tips. Why make sure your skin is clean? Well, other than the obvious that good hygiene is always best, consider the response you desire when applying lotion to your skin. Absorption, right? Well, we don’t want to pull dirt in with your Lotion Alternative when we use it!

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Trial/Travel .25 oz, Regular 1.9 oz, Family 4.2 oz


Pure w/ Shea Butter, Pure w/ Cocoa Butter, Both Trial Sizes


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