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Please Note: This is a deodorant, Not an antiperspirant! 

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 All Natural Deodorant! Stay stink free longer with better ingredients! All of our ingredients were chosen for their known effectiveness in de-stinking!😆

We use Organic, Natural Shea Butter, rather than Coconut Oil as our base quite simply because Coconut Oil is a “4-5” on the comedogenic scale! If you are unfamiliar with the scale, it is simply the “clogging your pores” scale, and goes from 0-5. Clogging our pores is what we want to avoid with Natural Deodorant, not exacerbate! This is not quite the smooth texture you may be used to in most deodorant. We use completely natural ingredients, and thus are limited in the “feel” factor.😉We won’t use ingredients like propylene glycol which give a smooth feel. But we think you will agree, it is well worth it to find a deodorant that actually works, without clogging your pores!

A version without Beeswax is available in two of our scents.

Lavender is a light floral scent, Cypress Tea Tree has a woodsy scent, Litsea is a lemony scent, 4 Thieves is the traditional Clove/Cinnamon/Citrus scent.

Ingredients: Organic Natural Shea Butter, Non- Nano Zinc Oxide, Himalayan Salt,  Arrowroot Powder, Magnesium, Beeswax, White Kaolin Clay, Baking Soda,  Bentonite clay,  Essential Oils, Jojoba, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Menthol, Vitamin C,  Plant sourced Stearic Acid, Natural Vitamin E, Silk

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The Product❤️❤️

100% Natural Deodorant. This was a challenge, but that just makes it fun😎 The first obstacle to overcome was the carrier. “All Natural” deodorants often contain nasty ingredients like propylene glycol. While there is not conclusive evidence against it, there is definitely cause for concern. One other carrier that is common is Coconut Oil. That was our first consideration. However, Coconut Oil comes in between 4&5 on the clogging skin index! (5 is the highest it goes.) Considering it will clog facial skin, and your underarm skin is sensitive as well…Well, that was somewhere we just didn’t want to go.

Shea Butter to the rescue…

One of the reasons so many companies use Coconut Oil for Deodorant is because of the evidence that it is anti bacterial, anti this, anti that…So in research we were looking for an equivalent in that area, but without the high pore clogging factor! Research showed Natural, Organic Shea Butter to be just that! And Shea Butter absolutely ❤️s your skin!


Dozens of hours of research went into this aspect of the product! I didn’t want to do the “easy” thing and just load up the Baking Soda! A lot of people find this an irritating ingredient. So after loads of research we decided to rely on smaller amounts of several deodorizers, in order to be as non-irritating as possible!

One last thing…

Softness. While you don’t want moisture in your pits, neither do you want a product causing you to “dry out”🌵and cracking your skin! So we included a couple more intensely soft oils, to make sure your pits stay nice and soft. And a touch of cruelty free silk!

We like you❤️

We find the processes of creating fascinating! But if you stuck with us through all that explanation…well, thank you!

Instructions for Use: Remove cap and roll product up slightly until only the amount you are going to use shows. Apply small amount to entire, clean underarm area by swiping gently. Allow to absorb before getting dressed. This is a deodorant, not an antiperspirant. This works best for most people with one small daily application, and using “a lot” won’t make it work better, however you will have to experiment to find out your perfect amount. In hot summer months some people with excessive sweat may need to reapply in the afternoon.

Please Note: As with any new product test on small area of skin first to make sure you don’t have any sensitivity. If irritation develops discontinue use. A natural deodorant may take time for your body to adjust, especially if you have been using an anti-perspirant. Some people have found that mixing Bentonite Clay with AC Vinegar and applying to pits before beginning use of a natural deodorant helps speed the adjustment period. Simply make a paste of Bentonite and AC Vinegar and apply to underarms for 20 minutes. Rinse and dry.

Product Type: All Natural Deodorant

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4 Thieves, Cypress Tea Tree, Cypress Tea Tree w/o Beeswax, Lavender, Lavender/Cedarwood, Litsea, Litsea w/o Beeswax