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Organic laundry soap? Yep, that’s right! these soap nuts make great, long-lasting, and even organic laundry soap! You can also use them to make a general around-the-house cleaning liquid & some people even use them for dish soap!

So beside the fact that they’re natural, what makes them so special? Normal laundry detergents have chemical agents that coat the fibers of your clothes. They put this chemical in there so that “Your Whites Will Be Whiter”. This chemical coating, while making your whites “whiter”, also makes your colors duller in the same process, unless of course you also you also use a “color brightener” chemical additive… argh!  And sadly, all these chemical additives are also a skin irritant for many people (No surprise there!). Soap Nuts however, are 100% natural, which means they won’t make your whites whiter, but neither will they dim your colors or irritate your skin.

Please be aware: We cannot guarantee they won’t irritate your skin as most things (i.e. sunlight, strawberries, etc…) can cause reactions in some people.  However, natural products like this one are less likely to cause irritation than harmful chemicals and dyes. Use discretion when using any natural product, by testing on a small area (in this case just one load of laundry) of skin before using fully!

Instructions: Scroll down for instructions for use.

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Ingredients: Natural, Organic Soap Nuts

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Product Type: Laundry soap in the form of organic soap nuts

Organic Laundry Soap Nuts

Organic Laundry Soap Nuts are a great alternative for those who have irritation to the chemicals in traditional laundry soap. You probably already use natural soap without yucky chemicals, colorants, or synthetic perfumes, like ours here at Spero Soaps. But ugh, so many other chemical additives in our lives.  So many places! It can be overwhelming!

Natural living

Cleaners, shampoos, beauty products, and of course, our food can all contain nasty, unwanted chemicals! While we can’t help with the food aspect of healthier living, we do have Shampoo Bars, Conditioners, Soap, and lots of beauty products! And with the Organic Laundry Soap Nuts, you can care for your laundry more naturally as well. These are literally the shell of a berry off a tree. The insides are removed and the shell is used for soap. Natural saponin! What could be better than that❣️Btw, we recommend using Wool dryer balls for your dryer. It’s what we use here and LOVE them! (Sorry, but we don’t sell them.)

Instructions for Soap Nut Use:

Place 6-8 pieces in included bag and tie shut. Throw in laundry tub with clothes. There is no need to remove before rinsing, but do remove before drying or the nuts will be dried out in dryer and ruined. For use with hot or warm water just throw in washer. If using cool or cold water place bag of nuts in a cup of hot water for a few minutes to steep and then pour water and nuts into washer. Or alternatively turn washer on hot for the first 20 seconds or so and place under hot water, then switch to cool/cold. (This is the method I use.) If your water is very hot be careful not to place your hand into hot water.

How well do they work?

They work! But not so well on grease and stains! They are not a degreasing detergent. Personally, we keep a regular detergent on hand as well for greasy loads, or built up dirt. We use these for “normal” dirty laundry.

I even use them on young men’s work clothes. Like lawn mowing and digging clothes, not mechanic work, lol.

Instructions for hand washing:

Place 6-8 pieces in included bag and tie shut. Using hot water fill sink partially, and place bag into water for several minutes. Squeeze bag a couple times and adjust the water temperature according to label on item to be washed. Now wash as usual.

Usage: 12-16 loads per ounce, depending on water hardness and heat of water. Here at Spero Soaps we get about 12 loads per ounce as we use a lot of hot water, have a lot of boys (boys=dirt?), and have hard water.

Weight: 1-3 oz.

Will these work in HE machines? Answer from supplier: While we can’t guarantee the results of using our Soap Nuts in all brands and models of HE washing machines, many of our customers have used them successfully. The main concern with HE machines is saponin buildup. Since Soap Nuts are low sudsing, they generally work well in this type of washer.

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Weight 4 oz

2 reviews for Organic Laundry Soap

  1. Shay peoples

    These soap nuts left my laundry smelling fresh. No chemical smells. No irritation. Just fresh. I have an HE washer and they worked great! Thank you for an awesome product!

  2. Jessica

    Very happy with this product. Will use from now on. It’s very economical & I don’t have to worry about skin irritants with small kids.

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