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Coconut & Aloe Shampoo Bar


Love the effect of Coconut ingredients on your hair? This bar unscented Shampoo Bar is over 65% Coconut ingredients!

Ingredients: Organic Extra Virgin Coconut oil, Coconut Milk, food grade Sodium Hydroxide, Organic Coconut Water,  Organic Red Palm Oil, naturally grown Fresh Aloe Vera, Castor Oil, Meadowfoam Oil, Epsom Salt, Pro-Vitamin B-5, Matcha Green Tea, Argan & Abyssinian, natural Vitamin E, cruelty free Silk, Rosemary Oleoresin



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Natural Coconut Shampoo Bar

Natural Coconut Shampoo Bar! Here at Spero Soaps we are crazy about Coconuts for our hair! Our Coconut Shampoo is simply loaded with Coconut!

We all know how awesome Coconut Oil is for your hair, so we use it in our shampoo as well! Coconut stuff is over 65% of the ingredients we use in this soap! 😀  From Coconut Oil and Coconut Water to Coconut Milk we absolutely loaded up on the Coconut in this Coconut Shampoo Bar. (Completely Natural Coconut milk, not the kind with added xanthan gum and the other junk.) We left just enough room for the other awesome ingredients like Argan, Meadowfoam and Shea!

Meadowfoam, Argan and Shea

Super Oils and Butters are simply great on the skin and hair! Everyone is familiar with the awesome claims of Argan, and Shea. However, if you have never used Meadowfoam you’re going to love it. It is smooth, creamy, and oh so good for your hair! And Shea is always great for your hair!

Aloe Vera Leaf

We loaded up all the fresh Aloe Vera Leaf we possibly could in this bar for extra conditioning. Literally. This bar was tested until the Aloe Vera ran out of the bar. 😉 We grow our own Aloe Vera here at Spero Soaps in order to assure they are raised naturally and the gel is fresh. (You can’t harvest the juice and keep it fresh without using a preservative of some kind, something we refuse to do.)

Green Tea, Natural Vitamin E and Silk

We set out to make the very best shampoo bar possible and included these last three ingredients because they are awesome for your hair, even in small amounts! We have several Shampoo Bars available, check them all out here.

Simple vs Easy

Okay, you have gone natural! It was easy, and your skin has never felt so good! You’re committed to natural, so the next step in natural skin care is hair care, but this makes you just a teensy bit nervous… And with good reason! Most “shampoo bars” are actually Syndet bars*, or truly healthier alternatives, but formulated pretty much the same as regular soap, with maybe an added oil or two. Here at Spero all of our bars are formulated special and individually, and our Shampoo Bars are no exception.  We use oils that are great for the hair, and add extra ‘Super Oils’ just for your hair! Then we take it a step further and use liquids to saponify that are good for the hair, and top it off with added botanicals.

*What are Shampoo Bars?

There is still a whole lot of confusion out there about “shampoo bars.”  You’ll see a lot of “syndet” bars being advertised as shampoo bars. What are they, and are they good for your hair? The first question I will answer, the second I will leave up to your judgement. Syndet bars are synthetic detergent bars…I think you know our take on that, but whether or not that’s something you want to put on your hair is your call. Be aware that is what most liquid shampoo is, as well as many liquid soaps. Synthetic detergents.

The Feel

This is where they get you. Synthetic detergents can have a great feel to them simply because of the chemicals used. And since they coat your hair you’ll end up feeling like your hair is “healthy and shiny.” Shiny, sure. Healthy? Probably some doubt about that.
So how do we arrive at a good “feel” to our hair? Stick with me here. Natural Shampoo Bars are not for the faint of heart. They have a learning curve for most people, especially if you have hard water. If you have been using regular shampoos, chances are your hair is coated with chemicals. The first time you use one of our shampoo bars you will want to either do a baking soda cleanse, or wash your hair about 4-5 times, rinsing well between each wash. Then rinse the final time with a vinegar rinse.

Even after using a vinegar rinse you still will likely have an adjustment period where your hair may have a waxy feel after washing. The vinegar wash is helpful for reducing this, as is our Conditioner bar, but time will also be your friend here. Just hang with it. If you simply do not like it (not everything works for everyone), this makes a great bath bar as well.

Weight: Approximately 3.8 oz. But will vary due to the nature of hand pouring.

Vinegar rinse

This maybe the most important step to making sure you are happy with your experience, and your hair is happy as well! Make up a little bottle of vinegar rinse (Anywhere from a few tablespoons AC Vinegar per gallon of water to a 10/90 vinegar/water ratio. I recommend AC vinegar, but you may want to try another kind. If trying another kind, I would recommend researching first to make sure it’s safe for your hair.), and keep it in the shower. All it takes is a small amount after shampooing, and if the smell bothers you just rinse it out with cold water before you step out of the shower. After the initial adjustment period we suggest only using the vinegar rinse every few showers or it may dry out your hair!


We carry two kinds, and four varieties of Conditioner Bars. Look for a deep Conditioner Bar here, or Detangling Conditioner Bars here.

Epsom salts

Epsom salts are a great way to help your scalp and hair as well. Now, I have to give a warning/disclaimer up front. This may not work for you depending on your hair and scalp. We recommend testing on a small part of your scalp before proceeding. If you have any itchiness or burning, or any abnormal reaction rinse immediately! You could have an allergic reaction to anything, Epsom salts included. If you have any medical condition, like always, check with your doctor before using. However, using Epsom salts on your hair/scalp are used for a variety of hair issues.

Do not use often or it may cause dryness or other issues. How often you use will be individual and will require experimentation on your part. Always err on the side of caution. At any time if any form of irritation happens rinse and discontinue use. Verify you do not have any kind of allergic reaction before proceeding with any of these suggestions!

Too Oily? Add a small amount (≈1 tsp) directly to your scalp and massage very gently. Rinse thoroughly.

Chemically clogged scalp? Add a small amount (≈1 tsp) directly to your scalp and massage very gently. Rinse thoroughly.

Frizzy or dry hair? Dissolve small amount (amount will depend on length of hair) of Epsom salts in warm water and apply to hair. Rinse thoroughly.

Please Note: Although we have been assured by a cosmetologist who uses our shampoo bars, that our bars won’t strip your hair, we do not recommend our bars for colored or chemically treated hair. It is fairly well established that it is the sulphates in commercial shampoos that remove color from your hair. As none of our products contain sulphates presumably they should be safe for chemically treated hair, but if you do decide to try it, please do it extremely carefully by trying only a strand where it won’t show. Test over a period of a couple weeks to be sure! We do not guarantee it is safe for chemically treated hair! 


A few of our Shampoo bars are left unscented for those of you with sensitive skin! The Essential Oils we do use are there for the beneficial properties they give, but for some people more isn’t better. This one is for you!




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