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Litsea Sunrise

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New ingredients!

Loads of fluffy lather accompanied by a gorgeous Lemony scent! What’s not to love?❤️

Get your morning off to a good start with Litsea Sunrise!

Ingredients for classic: Olive oil, Coconut oil, Distilled water, Sustainable Palm oil, food grade Sodium hydroxide, Castor oil, Litsea Essential oil, Shea butter, Palm Kernel oil, Silk

New Ingredients: Olive oil, Coconut oil, Dandelion Tea, Sustainable Palm oil, food grade Sodium hydroxide, Shea butter, Palm Kernel oil, Castor oil, Litsea Essential oil, Babassu Oil, Brazilian Clay, Natural Vitamin E, Rosemary Oleoresin, Silk

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Litsea Sunrise Bath Soap!

Good morning Lemon Lovers! Our Litsea Sunrise Bath Soap has a great lemony scent and a beautiful natural color. This soap was actually named partly for it’s beautiful curing process, which reminded us of a sunrise! It starts out like you see it here on this page. Over the next few days it turns the most vibrant, beautiful orange you can imagine. Then, finally, it settles back down to this beautiful, yet subtle, orange color. But also, it is a good morning soap as it is an invigorating lemon scent.

 If you’re a lemon-scent fan, this soap will have you hooked. And lots of lemon scented fluffy lather will make your shower fun!

Your skin is your largest organ

You learned this early in your school years, but sometimes we forget those things. But it is still true. Would you spend $10 a month to take better care of your heart, your liver? Yep, you would. So, we would ask you to consider your skin as important as those organs and look into how you care for it. As we say often here at Spero, taking good care of your skin isn’t luxury, it’s good stewardship. If you actually begin to look at the ingredients in most skin care products on the market, you will begin to see why many people are getting away from commercially produced products. But it really isn’t enough to just buy because of the claim to “homemade.”

For one thing, many of the products are actually simply pre-purchased bases repackaged for a consumer. Look into the actual ingredients, and the way products are made. Even ask some questions about the product. Do be aware that it’s illegal to make claims to healing, so some answers you get may not be as pointed as you desire. But make sure the person you are buying from is reputable, and actually makes their own products. (Yes, we make 100% of our own products here at Spero Soaps.)


Olive oil, Coconut oil, Distilled water, Sustainable Palm oil, food grade Sodium hydroxide, Castor oil, therapeutic grade Litsea Essential oil, Shea butter, Palm Kernel oil, Silk

 Product Type: Lemon Scented Bath Soap

Shapes: Traditional, Round

Weight: 3.6 – 3.8 oz

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Classic, Traditional, Round, Cube, Sample

1 review for Litsea Sunrise

  1. Faye Foster

    Absolutely refreshing and uplifting!

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