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Juntos- Chocolate and Vanilla Bath Soap


New! Chocolate and vanilla in one great soap!

Ingredients: Organic Coconut Water, Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil, Organic Coconut oil,  Sustainable Organic Palm oil, food grade Sodium Hydroxide, Organic Natural Cocoa Butter, cosmetic grade Avocado Oil, Castor Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Benzoin Essential Oil, Organic Cocoa Powder, Meadowfoam Oil, Palm Stearic, Organic Unrefined Shea Butter,  Natural Vitamin E, Coffee, Rosemary Oleoresin, cruelty free Silk

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Juntos Cocoa Butter Soap

Juntos? Spanish for together, side by side, or with each other, it seemed perfect for bringing Chocolate and Vanilla together.

Chocolate/ Vanilla Bath Soap

This Chocolate Vanilla Bath Soap has skin-nourishing Natural Cocoa Butter in it along with Organic Cocoa Powder. Both of these ingredients are delicious for the skin!  Because of the extreme price of “Chocolate or Vanilla Essential Oil,” Chocolate and Vanilla scented soaps are, almost exclusively, artificially scented. However, we keep our products 100% natural,* using no artificial scents, colorants, or preservatives of any kind. So, please understand, the Chocolate part is not a “Chocolate Scented” soap, but a Chocolate ingredient soap. You will smell the Chocolate ingredients but please don’t expect it to smell strongly of Chocolate. We also use Benzoin Essential oil, which has a lovely Vanilla scent to balance the scent, and give it a gentle Vanilla scent.

*Is Lye Natural?

We use Sodium Hydroxide (Lye for solid soap) to saponify the oils into soap**, and it is not an organic ingredient. Some companies claim it is natural, some say it’s not. However, this is the only substance known to turn oils into soap, and there is NONE left in the soap long before we sell it to you. We allow our soap to cure a minimum of 6-7 weeks here at Spero Soaps to ensure a mild product for your skin! And, btw, all soap making uses Lye. And those soaps that make claims to not be soap? Well, the long story can only be understood by reading lots of regulations, but the short version is if you make claims to be moisturizing, you are no longer “soap,” even when you are. Same product, but basically the term “soap” has a legal definition.

**Potassium Hydroxide is the ingredient used to make liquid soap.

Why Juntos?

A few years back I had the opportunity to introduce two dear friends. Over the next few months they fell in love and married. Little did I know that some people would actually object to the marriage based the fact that they were two different colors.
I mean, seriously, are any two people actually the same *color? The shades of our skin are not based on what race we are because we are all of the human race. Yes, it is based on ethnicity, but seriously, we are all of the same race. The idea of different “races” comes from the mindset that we have been evolving for millions of years.
We are not the product of evolution, we are the product of the handiwork of an almighty Creator! We are all created in His image!

I made this soap one day as I was reflecting on the beauty of differences and the beauty of reconciliation between the ethnicities. I made it celebrating what my dear friends model beautifully! Hats off to you, Eric and Meeka!

*Ten second science lesson: The color of our skin is determined by the amount of melanin we have in our skin. We are actually ALL just different shades of a mix of browns and blacks.


Looking for an even greater Chocolate experience? Try our  Pots de Crème Buttery Soft Lotion Alternative for your hands and legs! With Cocoa butter, Cherry Kernel oil🍒, Avocado oil?, Shea butter, and more, it’s a great alternative to lotions! Did you know all regular lotions contain water and artificial chemicals? The water basically turns about 2 ounces of ingredients into 8 ounces, and the preservatives are there to make sure mold doesn’t grow because of the water.
P.S. If you hate the cracked hands/lotion cycle, it just may be that the chemical preservatives are irritating your skin. Abandon regular lotions and try our Lotion Alternatives. Your skin will thank you!


Avoid washing bottoms of feet with any soap as you may slip!

Resist the temptation to take a bite as it will taste like soap, not a Dark/White Chocolate bar.🍫

However, between the avocado oil, and Cocoa ingredients you just may wanna stay in the shower a little bit longer. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone.?

Enjoy this soap yourself, and buy another for a friend, and become their favorite person❣️

Wt: Traditional 3.6 oz, Travel 1.6 oz

Instructions for use: While this soap was primarily designed as a bath soap, it can be used as a hand soap as well. Our favorite way to use it is at the kitchen sink. We keep a bar of this, and a bar of Coffee Shop at our kitchen sink. Lather and wash, avoiding mucous membranes to avoid irritation. Avoid bottoms of feet, to avoid slipping. Rinse. Use a dark colored washcloth as the rich brown lather may stain a light one!

Product Type: Double Chocolate/Vanilla Bath Soap

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