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Hawaiian Citrus


Ingredients: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Sustainable Red Palm Oil, Organic Coconut Water, Distilled Water, food grade Sodium hydroxide, Mango Butter, Palm Kernel Oil, Citrus Blend Essential Oil, cosmetic grade Avocado Oil, Castor Oil, Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil, Palm Stearic, Kaolin Clay, Sea Buckthorn Extract (in cosmetic grade Apricot Kernel Oil), Tea tree Essential Oil, Natural Vitamin E, Rosemary Oleoresin, cruelty free Silk

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Hawaiian Citrus Natural Soap

Are tropical islands calling your name? Does a Hawaiian Citrus Hand/Bath Soap sound right up your alley?

Spero Soaps Soaps (Say that 3 times fast;)

All of our soaps are formulated with gentleness and moisturizing in mind! We use only top quality Oils and butters in all our products. In this soap we add a generous amount of Mango Butter for its reputation for moisture. Like most of our soaps, this one starts with Olive Oil as its primary oil, and then we add Organic Coconut and Organic Red Palm, both known for great lather.  Avocado Oil, Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil and Castor are all great for moisture! The cruelty free Silk gives a smooth and silky feel to the lather. The end result is smooth, moisturizing lather that is fun to use!#Hawaiian Citrus Hand/Bath Soap

Essential Oils

We wanted to design a few bathroom sink soaps with essential oils believed to help with antibacterial properties. SO, for this one we used a great scent variety of Citrus Essential Oils, and Tea Tree for a delightful blend that screams clean and tropical at the same time!


We had a lot of fun designing this soap to have both a tropical Hawaiian look and scent. The “Coconut” you see is soap, not coconut (Should we call it Soaponut? Soponut? 😂), so you shouldn’t be tempted to eat it.😳


Most of our soaps have a recycled paper sleeve. However, because of the Soponut we do wrap this soap in a plastic sleeve. Otherwise the “Coconut” may get scattered in transit. This is one of only two soaps that we use plastic sleeves on as we do have a commitment to use plastic only when necessary!

Our position on plastic

We don’t like it. Never have. I am old enough to remember when bags at the grocery store switched from paper to plastic.  I remember thinking how unwise that decision seemed as paper is renewable and composts so fast.  And of course we have now learned that if we don’t steward the forests by removing some of the denser parts we will lose large parts of it to fire.
Plastics are produced from Natural Gas and Petroleum. We don’t personally use much plastic at all (No throw away plastic water bottles here except extremely rare occasions, such as emergencies.), because we take seriously our job of being stewards of the earth.

However, we do recognize that plastic is best in some circumstances as it is cost prohibitive to use paper or glass containers for some situations, and not possible for others.
For example, the paper lip balm tubes which are available to product makers are around $2 per tube, our cost! Most people simply don’t want that cost added to the price of a lip balm tube. After all, part of being a steward is stewarding all your resources! (And of course there is the fact that one small lip balm tube will last you several weeks, and contains less plastic than one water bottle!)

So, our bottom line position is we will use plastic as little as possible, and continue to look for ways to reduce its use even more. But rest assured, even the thin plastic sleeve is far less plastic than one small water bottle, and the soap will last several weeks! Btw, if you have the same commitment, you may want to try one of our shampoo bars and ditch the heavy plastic bottles! They are economical and better for your hair!

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Product Type:  Hawaiian Citrus Hand/Bath Soap  Classiclinelink

Wt:  4oz


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