Grandma’s Hugs

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Goat’s Milk Bath Soap

We are excited here at Spero Soaps to have several varieties of Goat’s Milk soap available!  This particular soap has long been a customer favorite so we picked it to make into one of our Goat’s Milk soaps: Remember going to Grandma’s house where you’d be greeted with, hugs, lavender sachets & the smell of warm sugar cookies fresh in the oven?  Experience that again with this Lavender Vanilla Bath soap which includes lots of Shea butter, Clay, & Silk to round out your memorable experience! Now with Raw Goat’s Milk and Indulge Body Butter! Please note, the scent in this soap is light, not strong!

Ingredients: Olive oil, Raw Goat’s Milk, Coconut oil, Sustainable Palm oil, food grade Sodium Hydroxide, Indulge Body Butter*, Palm Kernel Oil, Essential oils, Natural Fruit Juice, Rice Bran oil, Castor oil, Brazilian clay, Natural Vitamin E, Rosemary Oleoresin, Silk

(*Shea butter, Mango butter, Avocado butter, Argan oil, Cocoa butter, Grapeseed oil, Extra Virgin Organic Coconut oil, Essential Oil, GMO Free cornstarch, Nettle extract, Natural Vitamin E oil, Rosemary oleoresin)

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Description: Grandmas Hugs | Lavender & Vanilla Bath Soap

Lots of favorites here! Lightly scented with Lavender and Vanilla and utilizing Goat’s Milk! This bath soap has Brazilian Clay and Cruelty Free Silk also!

 Why animal products? What is Cruelty Free?

There is sometimes a push against using animal products of any kind in products.  Why do we incorporate Goat’s Milk, Beeswax and Silk in many products? Perhaps you are wondering, what is the difference between “cruelty free” and non cruelty free?

Why animal products?

The use of animal products must be done with good stewardship in mind. We are to care for the life of animals and not be cruel. But that doesn’t mean not use products that come from animals. The fact of the matter is animal products are often the very best choice in certain circumstances, and most do not interfere in any way with the natural life of the animal.

The only exception to that in the products we use is Tallow. This soap does not contain Tallow. A few do because it is so close to human skin it is a great soap ingredient and great for troubled skin.

A commonly misunderstood animal ingredient is Lanolin. It is sometimes confused as an animal fat, when in fact it comes from the wool of the sheep. Is sheering a sheep cruel? No! Actually not sheering the sheep would be cruel to the animal, as the wool is heavy and would be matted. The use of animal products is a complicated matter at best. We aim for good stewardship in everything here, including the judicious use of animal products. However, if you have questions or concerns please feel free to email us your questions!

Clothing requires the use of regular silk as it has to have long fibers to weave into cloth. “Cruelty Free” silk, however, is gathered in forests after the insects emerge from the cocoon. The hole God’s little creature leaves as it eats its way out of the cocoon, by nature, cuts the long silk thread, making it unusable for clothing. However, that makes it perfectly usable in cosmetics, as it is incorporated in tiny particles.

Why Cruelty Free?

Here at Spero Soaps, it’s a matter of good stewardship. It is a good use of our natural resources to use what God provides for us! However, when “cruelty free” is used, the insects live and produce offspring. Their offspring will then produce more silk.
We are called to be good stewards of the earth. Good stewardship does involve making sure whatever you are farming does not suffer needlessly at your hands.

Weight: 3.8 oz.

Product Type: Lightly scented Lavender & Vanilla Bath Soap  goatmilklink  premiumsoaplink

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Traditional, 20 Travel Size

2 reviews for Grandma’s Hugs

  1. Meekalamb

    This soap is the only one I use for everything!!! I adore how it smells, and makes my skin feels. My husband and kids all like it too. The quality of these products is notable because every ingredient in it is useful for the body, unlike those soaps filled with junk to preserve or junk used as “fillers”. Also, I am extremely pleased with the service quality and with how easy it is to use the website.

  2. Emily K Hawes

    I really love this soap. The smell is warm and cozy, the texture is smooth and feels very nice.
    I use it as body wash, but I’ve used it on my hair lately and it has moisturized and tamed the frizz, giving me soft, stable curls that last for days (my hair is naturally curly but hard to manage without conventional, chemical-filled products).

    Spero soap is the only “product” I’ll let near my hair because I trust Hope’s research and that she uses natural, healthy, good ingredients.

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