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Double Chocolate Bath Soap


Chocolate lovers alert!🍫  This is a DOUBLE Chocolate bath soap, having both Natural Cocoa Butter, and organic Cocoa powder in it!  Both ingredients are lovely for the skin. Between the avocado oil🥑 , and Cocoa ingredients you just may wanna stay in the shower a little bit longer, but we won’t tell anyone. Resist the temptation to take a bite as it will taste like soap, not chocolate 😉.

Do use a dark washcloth as the rich brown lather may stain light washcloths.  This bar does smell like chocolate, but it is very light as we have a commitment not to use fragrance oils.  When we use this soap we use it as a head to toe soap (meaning we love it as a shampoo bar, face and bath bar), and love the way it smells and makes our skin feel!  Between us all here at Spero Soaps, we have about 10 favs, and this is one of them!  Enjoy this soap yourself, and buy another for a friend, and become their favorite person 😉


Ingredients: Olive oil, Organic Coconut oil, Distilled water, Sustainable Organic Palm oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Natural Cocoa Butter, Organic Cocoa Powder, Avocado Oil, Castor Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Silk, Natural Vitamin E

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Double Chocolate Bath Soap

This soap has skin-nourishing Natural Cocoa Butter in it along with Organic Cocoa Powder. Both of these ingredients are delicious for the skin! This is not a heavily scented soap as Chocolate scented soaps are, by nature, artificially scented. However, we keep our products 100% natural, using no artificial scents, colorants, or preservatives of any kind.

Is Lye Natural?

Sodium Hydroxide (Lye for solid soap) is used to saponify the oils into soap*, and it is not an organic ingredient. However, this is the only substance known to turn oils into soap, and there is NONE left in the soap long before we sell it to you. We allow our soap to cure a minimum of 6-7 weeks here at Spero Soaps to ensure a mild product for your skin!


Looking for an even greater Chocolate experience? Try our  Pots de Crème Buttery Soft Lotion Alternative for your hands and legs! With Cocoa butter🍫, Cherry Kernel oil🍒, Avocado oil🥑, Shea butter, and more, it’s a great alternative to lotions that contain water and artificial chemicals!

*Potassium Hydroxide is the ingredient used to make liquid soap.

Instructions for use: This soap can be used head to toe, but is primarily designed as a bath soap. Lather and wash, avoiding mucous membranes to avoid irritation, and bottoms of feet, to avoid slipping. Rinse. Use a dark colored washcloth as the rich brown lather may stain a light one!

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