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Baby Me


Baby soft soap for baby soft skin!
Please read this entire page before purchasing for an infant!

Comes as one 3 oz soap, split into two smaller soaps making it easier to bathe little ones.

Ingredients Baby Me:  Tallow, Lavender/ Chamomile Tea, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Sustainable Palm Oil, Food Grade Sodium Hydroxide, Camelina Oil, Natural Shea Butter, Hemp Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Essential Oils (Lavender and Chamomile), Gluten Free Colloidal Oats, Castor Oil, Fresh Aloe Vera, Natural Vitamin E, Cruelty Free Silk



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Baby Soft Bath Soap

Baby Soft Bath Soap for baby soft skin! Going natural simply means ditching the chemicals for most people, but that gets complicated when we are talking about babies. One reason is the eyes! In order to get a neutral washing substance, it will have to be synthetic chemicals.


Soap is a combination of oils and an alkalizing salt that turn it into soap. Thus, the resulting product, soap, is alkaline. The acid mantle of our skin is, well, acid, not alkaline. Thus the sting when you get soap in your eyes.

Please note

Newborn skin is extremely permeable and needs nothing but water to wash it.  Unless your children’s health care provider recommends otherwise, consider not using any products on it. I’ve had five babies and know the sweetness of snuggling a powdery fresh baby. <3 However, what’s fun and what’s best sometimes conflict.

A lot of new mothers, your truly included, use/used some sort of baby washing liquid that claims to be gentle on the skin, for their new babes. ( My youngest is 13, and until my now 15 year old daughter developed eczema before the age of two, I never questioned the medical wisdom I was being spoon fed. Thankfully her pediatrician-yes, regular board certified pediatrician- actually questioned the conventional wisdom himself.) It’s your child’s skin, and your decision, but please inform yourself about the heavy chemicals being used in so-called “gentle” baby washes. Please do follow the advice of their health care practitioner as well. What that means is please make sure you have a good doctor that you can trust!


Please note that any product can cause allergies at any time. Therefore be diligent in looking for any reactions to products anytime, but especially new ones. Like all new products use on forearm on small spot, rinse and wait 24 hours before using on rest of child.
Colloidal Oats are rarely a problem, but shouldn’t be used on tiny baby skin. However, most pediatricians will recommend it for toddlers, etc.

Disclaimers: Not intended for children under the age of three. Between the age of three months and three years ask your baby’s health care provider about using this particular soap on their tender skin. We list 100% of our ingredients for transparency. We urge you to show it to the health care provider and seek their opinion.

Always take great care to not get this, or any product in a child’s eyes, and rinse thoroughly for several minutes and contact health care provider or go to the nearest emergency department if some does get in eyes.

Avoid all mucous membranes.

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