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Susie’s Target (Neem Soap)


Neem is a powerful Oil and thus used at around 3-4% in soaps! However, you will still smell the neem in this soap!

Ingredients: Amish Goat’s Milk, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Food Grade Sodium Hydroxide, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Red Palm Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Patchouli Essential Oil, Susie’s Intensive Skin Care Lotion, cosmetic grade Avocado Oil, Peach Kernel Oil, Castor Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Neem Oil, Jojoba Oil, Fresh Aloe Vera,  Dead Sea Mud, Rosehip Oil, Natural Vitamin E, Cruelty Free Silk, Rosemary Oleoresin

Always read ingredients carefully to ensure this product does not contain anything you are allergic to! Most common allergens in bold, but check all ingredients!

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100% Natural Neem Soap

Our 100% natural neem soap is one of the newest addition to our Susie’s line, created especially for those with sensitive skin. When you do research on some of the ingredients in commercial soaps you will discover that many of them are harmful to your sensitive skin. Here at Spero Soaps we are completely transparent with our ingredient lists and want you to know what is in all of our products! Neem has a reputation for being good for troubled skin. However, only you can figure out what is good for YOUR skin! Everybody’s skin is different. If you are not sure if this soap will be good for you feel free to request a free sample by simply adding it to your cart. (While supplies last.)

Neem & Patchouli? Doesn’t that stink?

Well, that depends, lol.  Neem Oil actually has a rather sulphurous odor to it even in the limited amount you will find in this soap! Thankfully Patchouli Essential Oil is a perfect compliment to the rather earthy scent of Neem. It also already has a reputation for being good for troubled skin! So we blended Patchouli Essential Oil into this soap. It definitely has an earthy scent to this soap! But if you like the earthy scent of Patchoili, you will probably like it. (I do, although I have to admit it was an acquired taste, lol.) If you are not familiar with the scent of Patchouli it is a scent that would be almost synonymous with “Hippie.” It is very earthy and musky, almost like freshly turned earth. However, all you have to do is “Duck Duck” Neem or Patchouli benefits to understand the use of these oils!

Goat’s Milk Target

Okay, we have to tell you the story behind the name. As you can see, this is a Goat’s Milk soap! When we use Goat’s Milk in a soap we usually use only Goat’s Milk as the liquid to make the soap. What that means is there is a LOT of Milk in the soap. That is great for you, but problematic for us when attempting to make a large soap like this one! Because, quite simply, the soap begins to heat up extremely fast, and even putting it in the freezer will not do the trick. So, when we cut the soap, lo and behold: it had a gelled center! That wasn’t what we intended for looks. But as it has nothing to do with the performance of the soap we decided to have a little fun with it. So we pressed a target into it and named it target, lol. It also does “target” problem skin, so there is a double meaning there as well.


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