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Natural Conditioner Bar w/ Argan & Jojoba


Wash your hair with our shampoo bars and then use this bar as a second washing. Leave in hair while you finish your shower, then rinse well. Experiment with what’s best for your own hair, but please note we don’t recommend leaving in your hair for more than two minutes.
This bar also makes a great facial bar if you’re not prone to break outs. The high level of a Coconut Oil could lead to breakouts if you are prone to them. Also makes a great hand bar for extra dry hands. Not intended for use as a bath bar due to its soft nature. It simply would disappear way too  fast!

Warning: This bar has over twice the amount of unsaponified oils and butters left in the bar as our other bars. Be extremely careful to not slip when using! Do not use on bottoms of feet!

Ingredients: Listed below each product. Simply click a scent option and the ingredient list will show.

This bar contains nut oils and egg yolks, please read ingredients carefully to ensure this product does not contain anything you are allergic to!

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100% Natural Hair Conditioner Bar

Our 100% Natural Hair conditioner Bar is chock full of hair loving ingredients! While researching for this bar we ran across dozens of “Conditioner Bars.” The problem was they weren’t natural at all! They were full of ingredients we will simply not use in our products. It appeared the only way to get a true “Conditioner bar” was to use chemical ingredients. So we were back to square one.

What to do?

We decided to attempt a cross between a Shampoo Bar and a Lotion Bar. Lots of unsaponified Oils and Butters as sort of a Shampoo and Conditioner in one bar. So we went that direction and left twice the amount of oils unsaponified as our regular bars, and we used our special process to ensure the vast majority of the unsaponified oils were the super oils, including Argan, Jojoba and Rosehip!


In addition to using lots of super oils we wanted an awesome liquid to saponify the Conditioner bar! Organic Quinoa milk and cream were a natural (pun intended 😉 for the saponifying liquid as it has a great reputation for being great for your hair! Btw, saponification is simply the process of turning oils into soap.

Natural egg yolk (raised completely on a very large pasture with only NON GMO supplemental feed), natural fresh Aloe Leaf Juice, Vitamin b-5, cruelty free Silk, Cocoa and Shea Butters… Check out the entire ingredient list below!

How should you use this bar?

We recommend shampooing with one of our regular Shampoo Bars first, similar to a commercial shampooing.  Most people find a swipe down the wet hair motion produces the most lather. (Get hair wet and swipe the bar down the hair under running water a couple times then step outside the  stream of water and continue to swipe down the hair until you have enough Shampoo to work into a lather. Some customers like to lather it in their hands first and put the lather onto their hair. This way will take a little longer as you’ll have to gather lather until you have enough, rather than make lather directly in your hair.) Then repeating the method, use this Conditioner Bar for a second wash. Leave it in for a minute or two as you finish your bath, then rinse thoroughly. Everyone is created uniquely, one size does NOT fit all! Therefore, you will have to experiment with this bar to see what is best for you. However, we recommend NOT leaving on for more than one minute at first until you have determined your hair needs longer time! Then move gradually to a longer time as your hair needs.

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Geranium, Lavender, Unscented


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