Goat's Milk Facial Soap
Act Your Age! (Face & Hair Shampoo)

Goat's Milk Facial Soap

Now with Macadamia Nut oil!

Just because you should act your age doesn't mean you have to look it!  So much is involved in how flexible our skin is. While all things are completely in God's capable hands, we should be a good steward of the things we can control, like what products we use on our skin! We are so excited to add a Goat's Milk line to our soaps, and what line would be complete without an extra moisturizing Facial Soap! We used face-loving oils like Peach and Apricot, Avocado, Unrefined Shea Butter, Argan and Organic Jojoba! Just take a look at that incredible ingredient line up! Wow! This delightful round soap is available in Unscented. If you like a scented Facial soap we have Lavender/Cedarwood, or Ylang Ylang/Geranium Essential Oils available, both known for loving your face!
Ingredients: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Raw Goat's Milk, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Sustainable Palm Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Palm Kernel Oil, Rosehip Tea, Organic Red Palm Oil, Organic Unrefined Shea Butter, Peach Kernel Oil, cosmetic grade Apricot Kernel Oil, Castor Oil, Essential Oil (Scented Varieties Only), Passionfruit Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Argan Oil, Organic Jojoba, cosmetic grade Avocado Oil, Natural Vitamin E, Cruelty Free Silk, Rosemary oleoresin
Always read ingredients carefully to ensure this product does not contain anything you are allergic to! Most common allergens in bold, but check all ingredients!
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100% natural beard oil
Beard Oil
Similar in formulation to our other hair care, our all natural beard oil has more beard friendly essential oils. Great for softening stiff or coarse beards, this works as a conditioning oil for a healthier beard! And for those married men who like their beard stiff, do it for your wife. Full of awesome oils like Argan, Crambe Abyssinian, Jojoba, Avocado, Tamanu and Rosehip,  and Natural Butters, your going to love it!
Ingredients: Argan and Crambe Abyssinian Seed Oils infused with Organic Nettle, Rosemary, Dandelion Root; Mango Butter, Cocoa Butter, Babassu Oil, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Camelina Oil, cosmetic grade Avocado Oil, Shea Butter, Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil, cosmetic grade Apricot Kernel Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Avocado Butter, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Organic Jojoba, Rosehip Oil, Tamanu Oil, Aloe Extract, Essential Oil, Castor Oil, Natural Vitamin E,  Rosemary Oleoresin, Cruelty Free Silk Please note: Because of space on label vs making print large enough to actually read, ingredient list on label will be abbreviated. For example Cruelty Free Silk will simply be: Silk,  Natural Vitamin E will be: Vit E, Essential Oil may be EO, etc.
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African Black Mask Soap
Black Mask Soap

Charcoal Mask? Soap?

How about both in one product?

African Black Mask Soap


Olive Oil, Organic Green Tea, Coconut Oil, food grade Sodium Hydroxide, Sustainable Palm Oil, Organic Unrefined Shea Butter, cosmetic grade Apricot Kernel Oil, Castor Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Tamanu Oil, Dead Sea Mud, Argan Oil, Coconut Charcoal, Natural Vitamin E, Rosemary Oleoresin, Silk
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100% natural lip balm
Chocolate Kisses Lip Care
This natural chocolate lip balm has a warm chocolatey aroma as it uses natural cocoa butter plus cocoa. Yum! Available in a variety of chocolate "flavors". In addition to the natural cocoa butter and avocado oil?, this lip product contains Jojoba oil, making it extremely smooth and moisturizing! Moisture in a chocolate package, what's not to like? Try one of each! Do be aware they will temporarily tint your lips a beautiful light cocoa color?
Ingredients: cosmetic grade Avocado oil, Cocoa butter, Beeswax, Organic Jojoba, Organic Cocoa Powder, Shea Butter, therapeutic grade Essential Oil and/or 100% Natural Flavor Oil*, Aloe extract, Menthol, Natural Vitamin E.
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Rosehip face and hair shampoo
Dewdrops (Face & Hair Shampoo)

Use this soap for everything from your hair to your face and body! Scented with Frankincense and Myrrh it is moisturizing, and smells great!

New Ingredients:

Rosehip Tea & Pulp, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic sustainable Palm Oil, food grade Sodium Hydroxide, Palm Kernel Oil, Organic Natural Shea Butter, Peach Kernel Oil, Dewdrops Blend Essential Oil, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Rosehip Oil, Jojoba, Watermelon Seed Oil, Argan, Tamanu Oil, natural Vitamin E, cruelty free Silk, Rosemary Oleoresin

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Dewdrops natural facial soap
Dewdrops Facial Classic
A moisturizing Olive oil soap that includes the skin loving properties of Shea butter & Peach Kernel oil, Frankincense & Myrrh! This soap has a smooth creamy lather that is great on your face, as well as making a great bath bar!
Ingredients: Olive oil, Distilled water, Coconut oil, Sustainable Palm oil, Sodium hydroxide, Shea butter, Peach kernel Oil, Castor oil, Palm kernel oil, Frankincense & Myrrh essential oils, Crambe Abyssinian Oil, Natural Vitamin E, Rosemary Oleoresin, Silk
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frankincense myrrh dewdrops deluxe
Dewdrops Facial Deluxe

Premium Facial Soap

Now with Blue Facial Clay!

A smooth and creamy, moisturizing facial soap. Start loving on your face with this delightful facial soap enriched with genuine Frankincense and Myrrh Essential oils! Made with rich oils and butters including Shea Butter, Peach Kernel Oil, Jojoba, Abyssinian and Tamanu Oils, this soap may just make face time😁your favorite part of the day! Face washing time, that is...😉

Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil, Rice Water, Organic Coconut oil, food grade Sodium hydroxide, Rice Bran oil, Organic Unrefined Shea butter, Peach kernel oil, Castor oil, Palm Kernel oil, therapeutic grade Dewdrops Essential oil blend, Organic Jojoba, Crambe Abyssinian oil, Tamanu Oil, Rosehip Oil, Palm Stearic, Blue Cambrian & Baikal Clay, Natural Vitamin E, Rosemary Oleoresin, Silk.
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Earth to Sea
Earth to Sea (Hair & Face Shampoo)

Premium Head to Toe Soap

Head to Toe and Earth to Sea bar! What more could we do? Just check out the list of wonderful oils and Botanicals in this bar! Be aware a shampoo bar does take an adjustment period for most people as your hair has most likely been coated by the additives in shampoo.
Ingredients: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Matcha Green Tea, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil,  Sustainable Palm Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Organic Unrefined Shea Butter, cosmetic grade Avocado Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Castor Oil, Aloe Vera, Kaolin Clay, Argan Oil, Organic Jojoba, Tamanu, Non GMO Citric Acid, Non GMO Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Kelp, Dulse, Organic Olive Leaf, Natural Vitamin E, Rosemary Oleoresin, Cruelty Free Silk
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face smoothie natural face butter
Face Smoothie
Don't lie about your age; love it, and then take good care of your skin❣️ Sadly, as we age our face usually shows the signs first! This face butter has a Shea and Mango butter base, as well as lots of face-loving, skin-nourishing oils such as Argan and Jojoba, Peach Kernel and Rosehip! Creamy and smooth, pure delight for your face! Wash your face with one of our moisturizing facial soaps, lightly pat dry, then use a small amount of face smoothie. You're going to find yourself loving your new skin care routine!

New and Improved: Now with Creamy Meadowfoam and Crambe Abyssinian! And now available in Family size! 

Family size has been made available due to customer request because of family members getting into Mama's Facial moisturizer, lol. This is an intense moisturizer and a little goes a long way! If you are looking for a non-flowery scent you will like Dewdrops as it's Frankincense and Myrrh, and pleasant for men and women. Like all of our body products, this contains no chemical preservatives, so if it will not be used within 3-4 months, store in fridge or freezer for best results.
Ingredients: Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Argan Oil, Crambe Abyssinian Seed Oil, Organic Jojoba, Rosehip Oil, Meadowfoam Oil, Peach Kernel Oil, Buckthorn infused cosmetic grade Apricot Kernel Oil, cosmetic grade Avocado Oil, Tamanu Oil, Essential Oils(Scented Varieties), Natural Vitamin E, Cruelty Free Silk, Rosemary Oleoresin
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100% natural face serum
Love Your Face – 100 % Natural Face Serum

Love Your Face is a 100% natural Face Serum. With Super Oils, Essential Oils and Cruelty Free Silk, you can rest assured you're not putting any harmful chemicals on your face. Natural Vitamin E and Rosemary Oleoresin are also there in small quantities as antioxidants, but are also 100% natural and have a reputation for being good for your skin. And if you don't want to put Essential Oils on your face we do offer a scent free version.

This has been extensively tested and a new formula designed just for hair was the result! We are excited to announce Love Your Hair! It has two added infused oils in addition to the face formula! See below for more information.
Ingredients for Love Your Face: Argan Oil, Organic Jojoba, Crambe Abyssinian Seed Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, Peach Kernel Oil, cosmetic grade Apricot Kernel Oil, Tamanu Oil, Essential Oils, Natural Vitamin E, Cruelty Free Silk, Rosemary Oleoresin Ingredients for Love Your Hair: Infused MCT Oil*, Infused Macadamia Nut Oil*, Argan Oil, Organic Jojoba, Crambe Abyssinian Seed Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, Peach Kernel Oil, cosmetic grade Apricot Kernel Oil, Tamanu Oil, Essential Oils, Natural Vitamin E, Cruelty Free Silk, Rosemary Oleoresin *Infused with a heavy concoction of: Buckthorn, Horsetail, Rosemary, Fenugreek, Brahmi, Shikakai, Amla, Lemongrass, Nettle, and Rosehips!
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natural head to toe soap

A simple, moisturizing facial soap, great for your shower as well! As with all soap, avoid mucous membranes!

Ingredients: Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil, Organic Matcha Green Tea, Coconut oil, Sustainable Palm Oil, food grade Sodium Hydroxide, Organic Natural Shea butter​, cosmetic grade Avocado oil, Castor oil, Palm Kernel oil, Organic Jojoba, Fresh Aloe Vera, GMO Free Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Olive Leaf, Natural Vitamin E, Rosemary Oleoresin, Silk

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100% natural head to toe lotion alternative
Silky Head to Toe

Lotion Alternative- Better for your skin!

A complete Head to Toe Lotion Alternative is finally here! This lotion alternative is chock full of hair and face loving oils and butters, and is truly silky smooth and luxurious. Truly head to toe? Yes!  First, wash head to toe (avoiding mucous membranes and bottoms of feet), using one our Head to Toe Bars, or separate soap and shampoo bars if you prefer.  After your shower use this lotion alternative lightly all over. We do not recommend using on bottoms of feet for safety reasons. (If you do use on feet, it is imperative that you put socks on afterwards, or you may slip!). Instructions are below. We don't use water in our body products as that would make it necessary to use chemical preservatives. But that also has the advantage of super concentrated products that actually work. A little goes a long way. It's time to ditch those nasty preservatives and chemicals in body products, and go 100% natural!
Ingredients: Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Camelina Oil, cosmetic grade Avocado Oil, Argan Oil, Cherry kernel Oil infused with Marshmallow Root, Meadowfoam Oil, Crambe Abyssinian Oil, Babassu Oil, Castor Oil, Organic Jojoba, Rosehip Seed Oil, Beeswax, Tamanu Oil, Essential oils (if scented variety), Buckthorn Seed oil, Natural Vitamin E, Glycerin, Rosemary Oleoresin, GMO Free cornstarch, Silk
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Softstick Natural Lips
This natural lip product will soften your lips, not chap them (thus the name). This contains Shea butter, Meadowfoam oil, Rosehip oil...nothing but great oils and butters. Compare these ingredients to other lip products out there, even the natural ones, and we're sure you'll be pleased with the effort we go to to provide only the best. This lip smoother is extremely creamy and moisturizing! Great for making war on dry lips! Available in a variety of great "flavors" ;-) DO NOT EAT
We have a 4 pack available for only $10. Please order the 4 pack for that option, then write your choices in the order notes box at checkout! Please note you may choose any of the Softstick or Chocolate kisses in your 4 pack!

Ingredients: Cherry kernel oil, Shea butter, Beeswax, Meadowfoam oil, Mango butter, Organic Jojoba, Crambe Abyssinian Oil, Rosehip oil, Essential oil OR 100% Natural Flavor Oil*, Castor Oil, Menthol, Natural Vitamin E *Citrus Lovers, Peppermint, Spearmint, and Iced Coffee are all "flavored" with Essential Oils. Berrylicious, Coconut, Grape, and Strawberry/Banana are all "flavored" with 100% Natural Flavor Oils.
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Visage de Beauté- Face Lotion Bar

Facial Lotion Alternative- Better for your skin!

A face lotion bar, made with face loving oils and butters that do an awesome job of moisturizing without clogging your skin! This lotion is moist enough for your face, but firm enough for your purse!  Keep moisture on hand throughout the day! For those whose face is sensitive to beeswax we recommend our Face Smoothie face butter instead. Available in Essential Oils choices that love aging skin. But for those with sensitivities to essential oils an unscented variety is available also. Remember, like all of our body products, there is no water (And thus, no chemical preservatives!), and therefore a little goes a LONG way.
Comes in a large .45 oz tube. #DewdropsMoisturizing
Ingredients: Shea butter, cosmetic grade Apricot Kernel oil, Beeswax, Argan oil, Crambe Abyssinian oil, Organic Jojoba, Tamanu oil, Rosehip Seed oil, therapeutic grade Essential Oils, Natural Vitamin E, Rosemary oleoresin
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