Variety is the spice of life, so the saying goes. So why not get a little variety in your skin care.

all natural soap
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Spero Soaps Overstock page!❤️😍🙃🎉🥳 Sometimes we simply get over zealous and make too many of one kind (after all, making soap is a passion of ours, and we LOVE it!❤️❤️❤️) Or sometimes the season passes, and we still have a few bars of a seasonal soap left on the shelf. Whatever the reason, these soaps are great soaps, just overstocked. But you benefit from our mistake! Please read below to see exactly what you will receive in your package.👇
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all natural travel sized soap
Travel/Trial Pack
Inspired by comments from my youngest, back when he was little, that the bars were too big for his little hands. 👶 These bars are approximately one-third the size of a normal bar, and will average approximately 1.4 ounces each. These soaps make great samples or all natural travel sized soap! 🛫 They're also great for guest soaps & party favors. They come individually wrapped as shown in picture, but are not labeled for sale that way. You will receive them all in one bag that is fully labeled for sale.
  *Please note: As this product is already at a discounted price due to the bulk quantity, it is not available for further discounts! Thank you?


Contains: 1 each of 20 soap varieties.
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