“Variety is the spice of life” – Old Wives’ Tale

all natural chocolate body products
Chocoholics Gift Bag
This Gift bag is for all who have friends who ought to enroll in the Chocoholics Anonymous, or for those chocoholic-in-denials. 🍫 Full of great natural chocolate body soap and body products. That diet doesn't mean your skin can't feast!
Contents: Chocolate Lover's Soap, Chocolate Chip Cookie Soap, Pots de Crème Buttery Soft Lotion Alternative, Chocolate Kisses Lip Balm. Also includes a 1.5oz Chocolate Lover's Soap, a sample size Pots de Crème, and a 2nd Chocolate Kisses Lip Balm for the buyer (ships to the same address).
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These products have been overstocked! There is nothing wrong with this soap, however, it is beginning to clog our shelves, so we're offering it at a discount!
Please know that, as these prices are already slashed below production cost, they are not eligible for a discount.
In a bag of 10, you'll receive a minimum of 3 types of soap. In a bag of 20, you'll receive a minimum of 5 different types.
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all natural travel sized soap
Travel/Trial Pack
Inspired by comments from my youngest that the bars were too big for his little hands. 👶 These bars are approximately one-third the size of a normal bar, and will average approximately 1.4 ounces each. These soaps make great samples or all natural travel sized soap! 🛫 They're also great for guest soaps & party favors. They come individually wrapped as shown in picture, but are not labeled for sale that way. You will receive them all in one bag that is fully labeled for sale.
  *Please note: As this product is already at a discounted price due to the bulk quantity, it is not available for further discounts! Thank you?

Contains: 1 each of 20 soap varieties.
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Winter Skin Care Variety Pack
Winter Skin Care Variety Pack
Our Winter Skin Care Variety pack. ❄️ We compiled this variety pack for the drying days of winter, it is made up of some of our most moisturizing soaps & body products, to keep your skin going all winter long. The regular for these products if ordered separately is $27.25.
Contains: O-Live facial soap, Lavender Spa soap, Small Seaside Spa lotion alternative, Small Face Smoothie, Softstick lip balm
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chocolate orange soap
Winter Soap Pack
Our Winter soaps pack is a combination of all of our winter soaps. We've also thrown in our Autumn soap (Pumpkin Spice) for good measure! So if you like Pumpkin Spice & Truffles, You'll love this variety pack!
Contains: Raspberry Truffle Soap, Orange Truffle Soap, Crème de Menthe SoapPumpkin Spice Autumn Soap
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