All-Natural laundry soap that is additive free & reusable.

Organic Laundry Soap
Organic laundry soap? Yep, that's right! these soap nuts make great, long-lasting, and even organic laundry soap! You can also use them to make a general around-the-house cleaning liquid & some people even use them for dish soap! So beside the fact that they're natural, what makes them so special? Normal laundry detergents have chemical agents that coat the fibers of your clothes. They put this chemical in there so that "Your Whites Will Be Whiter". This chemical coating, while making your whites "whiter", also makes your colors duller in the same process, unless of course you also you also use a "color brightener" chemical additive... argh!  And sadly, all these chemical additives are also a skin irritant for many people (No surprise there!). Soap Nuts however, are all natural, which means they won't make your whites whiter, but neither will they dim your colors or irritate your skin.
Please be aware: We cannot guarantee they won't irritate your skin as most things (i.e. sunlight, strawberries etc...) can cause reactions in some people.  However, natural products like this one are less likely to cause irritation than harmful chemicals and dyes. Use discretion when using any natural product, by testing on a small area (in this case just one load of laundry) of skin before using fully!
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Ingredients: Natural, Organic Soap Nuts
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