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Lotions And Dry Skin: The Inside Scoop

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Lotions And Dry skin, isn’t that title a little odd? Well, as you probably already know, lotions contain water, alcohol, or other fillers in high volume (50-90%). The water content makes preservatives a requirement. How on earth is all that AMAZING for your skin? It’s not! That’s why we call our lotion products Lotion Alternatives, because, unlike typical lotions, they contain 100% moisturizing ingredients & NO fillers.

I’ve got one friend who never uses lotion, and never struggles with dry skin, But that’s rare! For most people the struggle with dry skin is there year round and really intensifies in the winter. So, lotion to the rescue, right? I’d like to suggest that you explore your options before you go that route. Does it seem like dry skin, lotion…dry skin, lotion, is a never-ending cycle? It just may be that the chemical preservatives that are in lotion, because of the water, are irritating your skin. We want to help you break out of that cycle!

My daughter has always had a struggle with extremely dry, inflamed skin. In fact, in the past, several members of our family have experienced seriously dry skin. Cracking, splitting, painful skin was usually a winter time norm! We used a humidifier in the winter, which helped some, but definitely didn’t solve the problem. Years ago I would turn to lotions, but inevitably faced the vicious cycle I mentioned earlier. At least for me, I finally gave up on lotions as it seemed liked my skin cracked more with them, than without! They were temporary relief at best.

And then I started making soap…When I started making soap, I had a desire to make the best soap possible, with the best oils possible. So I poured myself into the study of various oils and what they contributed to the process. This led to an understanding of the moisturizing properties of oils, which led, in turn, to the realization that I could actually help my daughter! YAY! All of our lotion alternatives, from our Buttery Soft & Body and Face Butters, to our Lotion Bars & new Herbal line, came out of this desire to actually help dry skin!

Our Lotion Alternatives contain butters and wonderfully moisturizing oils, not water, preservatives and other fillers! You’ll find Shea Butter in all of them. In addition all contain at least one other natural butter of Cocoa, Mango or Avocado! Every one also contain at least one of our intensely moisturizing oils of Jojoba, Argan, Meadowfoam, Abyssinian, or Rosehip! Our goal is serious moisture, and we think you’ll agree.

We have made an amazing line of seriously moisturizing Lotion Alternatives! If you haven’t tried them yet, we suggest you start with Seaside Spa (women), or The Man lotion version Elbow Grease! However, if you are already one of our many fans have a little fun, and try our wonderful chocolate version Pots de Crème, or if you are a coffee lover, try our mouth-watering Coffee Fix! Here’s to winter with soft skin!!


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