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Legend Of The 4 Thieves

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The Legend of the 4 Thieves originated in the time of the Black Plague in Europe. While there are many versions of the Legend, it has a basic narrative that goes like this. In the Middle Ages (circa 1300s – 1500s) the Bubonic Plague (a.k.a. The Black Death & The Black Plague) was making its way across Europe leaving a trail of death and destruction. Many times, after most of an entire family or even village would die together, the survivors would take to looting and robbery to survive. Other than the obvious moral problem with this, there was also another issue; contact with the corpses, or even being in the same vicinity as them would often lead to infection with the plague. Something obviously had to be done before all of Europe was wiped out!

Solution anyone? Herbs! The Thieves would protect themselves with herbal remedies; and although the contents of the remedy and the method of application varies by the strain of the legend, the basics stay the same. The herbal blend was made up of herbs that had anti-fungal and/or anti-bacterial properties. The blend was then applied to the thieves; either by hanging bags of the herbs around the neck, or by applying a solution of the herbs steeped in water, vinegar, alcohol, etc.

Although nobody has access to the original recipe (and the true contents still are delegated to the realm of myth). We have tried to be as accurate to that recipe as possible. We have combined research about the blend with extensive knowledge of the properties of essential oils to bring you an antibacterial (see disclaimer) Essential Oil blend that smells wonderful too.

  Disclaimer: Spero Soaps does not make any medical claims about our blends. Use is subject to the discretion of the user. We concoct our 4 Thieves blend with the basic common recipe as well as additional citrus oils.

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