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We now have a whole line of herbal based products! These include Herb Garden Soap, Herbes de Menthe Peppermint Soap, Herbal Body Butters, & Herbal Lotion Compounds! We make our herbal butters, lotion alternatives, & soaps with herbal infusions, which we blend & extract right here at Spero Soaps.

Some of our herbal line of soaps are textured with herbs (scrubby, as indicated by the description below the soap) & some are made with herbal tea. Our Calendula soap is extremely smooth, it’s about as close to lotion as you can get with soap. Some of the soap line will be LIMITED EDITION only. Our hair care bar which has a Rosemary/Nettle/Dandelion Tea base, is chock full of Jojoba, Argan, Abyssinian Seed, & other hair conditioning oils.

We make herbal lotion compounds from great oils infused with great herbs and blended with other great natural products for the ultimate lotion alternative. But wait a minute, because they’re not all the same. You see, we didn’t just throw together a great, all-purpose lotion alternative that will cure whatever ails ya! No we went beyond that and specially formulated each one for different purpose.

We create each one for a specific purpose, i.e. Susie’s intensive care is formulated with calendula and Chamomile, along with luxury oils for dry, flaky skin. We infused our Garden Compound with great herbs like Echinacea, Comfrey, Yarrow, & Plantain! It also is stuffed with great oils like Pumpkin Seed, Karanja, Camelina, & Meadowfoam.

I like to rub a little Night Night Compound on my temples before I go to bed!

Shop them all for the one that suites your needs, or select the Assortment option on any of the compounds, and for a discounted price you’ll receive the small size of each compound!


Disclaimer: Per FDA regulations, we cannot & therefore do not make any medical claims about any of our products.

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