Lotions that work!

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Lotions that work! Lotions that work, what a concept!? Sadly, most lotions don’t actually work. They create a cycle of cracks, lotion, and more cracks.?We actually do have an answer: waterless Lotion Alternatives. Stay with us, and let us explain … Continued

The Gift of the Magi

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It’s Christmas time, time for celebration. We have so many Christmas traditions; fudge, baked treats, trees decorated with ornaments, stocking hung by the fireplace, & of course gift giving, yet most of us probably don’t know where many of them … Continued


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It’s Thanksgiving time! Our hearts should always be thankful to God for our many blessings! But it’s nice to have a day set aside specifically to remember how very blessed we are! In America, while there are many problems, we … Continued

Buying Natural: What’s Your Guide?

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Natural!  100% Natural!  All Natural!  The words scream at us from all of the labels on the shelves these days! Or so it seems. We’re used to buying natural these days. After all, why put all those nasty chemicals in … Continued

Lotions And Dry Skin: The Inside Scoop

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Lotions And Dry skin, isn’t that title a little odd? Well, as you probably already know, lotions contain water, alcohol, or other fillers in high volume (50-90%). The water content makes preservatives a requirement. How on earth is all that … Continued

Skin: Part of your integumentary system

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Integumentary…huh? Skin, together with your hair, nails, sweat and oil glands, all make up your integumentary system. (You pronounce it just like it’s spelled- in teg’ yoo men’ tuh ree). Our focus today will be the skin. Your skin is … Continued

Herbal Options!

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WE’VE EXPANDED! We now have a whole line of herbal based products! These include Herb Garden Soap, Herbes de Menthe Peppermint Soap, Herbal Body Butters, & Herbal Lotion Compounds! We make our herbal butters, lotion alternatives, & soaps with herbal infusions, … Continued

Chocolate Chip Scones

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Scones! Chocolate Chip Scones, a family tested favorite! This recipe is for scones made with chocolate chips. Every so often (and not nearly enough) we have a family day that we set aside to spending time together. We all take … Continued

Legend Of The 4 Thieves

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The Legend of the 4 Thieves originated in the time of the Black Plague in Europe. While there are many versions of the Legend, it has a basic narrative that goes like this. In the Middle Ages (circa 1300s – … Continued

Why Essential Oils?

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Have you ever noticed most synthetic fragrance oils are just imitations of nature’s scents? Or how many of our modern medicines are simply man-made imitations of natural remedies that God created (i.e. Aspirin imitates a substance found in the bark of … Continued

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