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About Spero Soaps

Small Family business

Spero Soaps is a family owned and operated company that takes pleasure in satisfying our customers' personal care needs. We are a family of Scottish lads and lasses who LOVE a great bargain, but never at the expense of quality!

Spero Soaps products are designed for those who desire the quality of luxury, handmade, all natural soap and body products, but without the spa price tag! Our products are the same high quality, but at a much lower price.
How does that happen? Read on...
First, and foremost, we are a Christian family whose honest desire is to be pleasing to God in every thing we do. That includes the way we run our business. It is our desire, and we believe it is our calling before God, to run our business with integrity and excellence. We believe it should be part of business to offer a great product at a great price. That in any business interaction, all parties should win. It should always be a win win!
Second, we're a Scottish family, pure and simple. The soap maker here grew up with Scottish parents who, in spite of only having an income of equal to around $10-$12 per hour in today's money, raised seven children, and managed to travel extensively, taking us on regular vacations all over the United States. That's part of being Scottish (quality and simplicity vs. extravagance)! We managed to visit over 30 states during childhood. This helped develop a spirit of adventure in our family.
 My father passed away when I was 15 and I began to cook for our family. That's when I discovered a spirit of adventure, and a love of creating. Never one to assume a recipe couldn't be improved, I was often using our family as willing guinea pigs for my experiments. Experimenting with food paid off when a recipe I created placed second in a national recipe contest.
That same love of adventure and creativity, along with the Scottish qualities of loving great quality and a great price, has been brought to our soap making! We started out following basic soap recipes, but after studying various base and essential oils, soon began to make products to meet specific needs, i.e. 4 Thieves for the bathroom sink or ManSoaps for men who just can't stand the more feminine scents in most soaps, all the way to our line of intensely moisturizing body products that go way beyond just Shea and Mango Butters. The love of adventure, excellence, and value, combined with the responsibility of stewardship over God's creation means we won't "leave well enough alone" but will continue to strive for excellence.


Soapmaker & Owner

Hope is the main soapmaker here at Spero Soaps. Her creativity with the recipes has resulted in the creation of an extremely versatile range of soaps and body products!

You can reach out to Hope with any formulation or ingredient questions at Hope@SperoSoaps.com



Website Design 

Website Design and upkeep is Jonathan's specialties. He also runs a website editing & design business and works in construction.

You can reach out to Jonathan for tech questions & web support at Jonathan@SperoSoaps.com

Spero Soaps Photographer



Christopher, his father's namesake, is in charge of packaging. He's a photographer when he's not wrapping soap or doing algorithms.

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