Coconut and Aloe, Coconut and Butters, Coconut and Super Oils, and more! We now have several Shampoo Bars to choose from! Several Feature Organic Extra Virgin Coconut oil as the main oil, others have several different oils. All have lots of Super Oils or Natural Butters, in addition to other hair friendly ingredients like Matcha Green Tea, Nettle or Vitamin B-5!
Check out all our Shampoo bars today and go natural!                                                                Pictured is Coconut & Aloe Shampoo Bars!


Take a miniature Alaskan adventure with our Alaska natural soap bar! The possible names for this soap were Serenity, Relax, or Alaska. The first two because this blend of Essential Oils were put together for their known relaxing properties, but the final name that stuck was Alaska because the look of the soap reminded us of the ocean or even a glacier. And what do images of Alaska evoke but getting away from it all and relaxing?

Alaska is on a lot of people’s bucket lists, and with great reason. What a beautiful part of a God’s creation!